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Introductory Offer!

Buy 3 sessions for $110*

We have joined forces with Valentine Hydrotherapy Pool to bring you group Hydrotherapy classes, run by our physio Bronte Shepherd.

Exercise in water is both a safe and fun way to aid recovery from injury. The hydrotherapy pool is heated to 33–35°Celsius and you will be guided by our qualified physiotherapist with exercises tailored to your specific needs. 

Therapeutic benefits:

  • Low impact exercise for stiff or sore joints

  • Hydro-static pressure works to positively stimulate blood flow, suppress sympathetic nervous system activity and by doing so, reduce the symptoms of pain and swelling in the extremities.

  • Muscle relaxation and reduction in muscle spasm.

  • Increase joint range of motion and muscle flexibility.

  • Safe environment for balance retraining.

  • Improve overall strength and conditioning

How do the classes work?

If your physio or doctor has recommended Hydrotherapy for you, then this is the class for you! Before your first class, you will need a land-based assessment, then you can jump in! Although a group class, it will be tailored to your specific needs. 

How much will it cost?

The cost per session is: $52.95. Or 3 sessions for $110 as a special introductory price!* 


*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with a Medicare Referral. 


If you have a Medicare Team Care Arrangement from your Doctor, we can bulk bill so you will have no out of pocket expenses. 


If you have private health insurance, you can also claim a rebate from your health insurance provider. We will provide you with an invoice which you can use to claim your rebate. 


Please note that we are unable to take cash or eftpos at the poolside, but don't worry it's still easy to make your payment. We will send you an invoice so you can pay online, you can also pay over the phone or in person at our clinic in Charlestown.

When & Where

Classes will be fortnightly starting on Friday January 24th 2020 at 2pm. If you book online please specify which class you would like to book in for.

Address: Valentine Hydrotherapy Pool, 2/1A St Johns Drive Croudace Bay, NSW, 2280

Before your first class

If you are a new patient, you will need to visit to our clinic and have a land based assessment. Please fill in the form to the right and we will contact you to arrange. If you are current patient of Sharpe's Physio you will just need to fill in a Hydro Assessment form, you can download one of these forms (right), we can email you a copy or you can fill one out at the physio. 


Use the form below to book your place in the pool!

NOTE TO NEW PATIENTS: You will need a land based assessment before your first class, we will contact you to organise.

Date: Classes are fortnightly and start on Friday March 8th at 2pm. Dates are below, please specify which date you are booking for.

Thank You! We will contact you to confirm your booking.

Hydrotherapy Timetable

Friday 24th January 2020

Friday 7th Feb 2020 

Friday 21st Feb 2020

Friday 6th March 2020

Friday 20th March 2020

Friday 3rd April 2020

Friday 17th April 2020 

Friday 1st May 2020

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